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Boom Extension for mini loaders
Digga's Boom Extension for mini loaders
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Boom extension for mini loaders

Digga's Boom Extension for mini loaders are designed to give operators the ability to use standard pendulum auger drives and full length augers while offering extra reach and drilling depth. Manufactured inhouse by Digga using only the highest grade materials and strictest quality control. The Boom Extension suits multifit Mini Loaders and is suitable for Auger Drives PDX-PD7. If you have a skid steer loader, extension mounts are also available.

Increase reach & drilling depth.

Increased reach & more drilling depth

Reach tough to get to areas without the use of conventional auger extensions and benefit from greater auger or screw pile ground clearance.

Reduce excess auger drive and extension play - Digga Australia

Greater drilling visibility

Our frame's unique design gives the operator greater range and visibility, making it easier to use than conventional auger extensions.

Increase drilling depth even more by adding an auger extension to the auger drive.

Increase drilling depth even further

Depending on your machine, you can combine the Boom Extension with auger extensions to gain even more drilling depth.

Australian made - Digga Australia

Australian made

Our product quality and innovation leads the industry. 100% Australian made, Digga's Boom Extension for mini loaders are designed and manufactured for Australian conditions, providing you with versatility, competitive pricing and a factory-backed warranty.


Boom Extension Specifications, front view
Boom Extension Specifications, top view