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New Holland track loader with Digga Rotary Axe & Magnum Mulcher helps save native Tasmanian forest

2 February, 2015
Digga Australia - Gold Coast Business Excellence Award
Pictured: Graeme Viney from D & L Morrison on a New Holland C238 fitted with a Digga Rotary Axe.

New Holland’s range of Compact Track Loaders is designed for hard work on rugged Australian jobsites, with the latest model in the 200 series, the C238, now doing its bit helping to save the native Tasmanian forest. Michael Pennell, Operations Manager of Spreyton, Tasmania-based Tas Eco Mulching has found that since purchasing his New Holland C238 Compact Track Loader over three months ago, the machine is perfectly suited for a wide range of forest and vegetation clearing tasks.

“We fitted our C238 Compact Track Loader with a couple of attachments like the Digga Rotary Axe and the Digga Magna Mulcher - both designed to quickly cut through and mulch weeds such as the Broom [Cytisus scoparius] and Gorse [Ulex europaeu] - non-native brush-like plants that are threatening to take over the Tasmanian countryside,” said Michael. “We use our the C238 Compact Track Loader to cut [with a Digga Rotary Axe] and mulch these noxious plants [with a Digga Magnum Mulcher] as well as for cutting fire breaks through the undergrowth – these are very hard but crucial jobs that need a machine that can handle the tough conditions ... Removing and eradicating these invasive weeds is really important to the Tasmanian ecosystem, and as an owner-operator, I need a machine that is highly reliable and super comfortable – which definitely describes my C238 Compact Track Loader ... It really is a magic piece of equipment – honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better designed machine,” said Michael. “I cannot fault it - its’ got heaps of power, great hydraulics, and is very driver friendly.”

“It really is a magic piece of equipment - Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better designed machine.”

In terms of operating specifications, the New Holland C238 Compact Track Loader's engine is rated at 63kW, providing an operating capacity of 14,723kg with a bucket breakout force of 38.2kN.

“I appreciate the roomy and comfortable cabin - this machine gives me the confidence to take it wherever I would also take a dozer of similar size.” Said Michael.

For long load and carry operations, the optional Glide Ride feature on the C238 Compact Track Loader ensures a smooth ride over the roughest terrain; a fact that Michael said is augmented by the clever design of the machines’ under-carriage. “The C238 Compact Track Loader has a full belly plate giving it the same ground clearance all the way through which is really important down here with the thick scrub and vegetation that we have to cut through ... Its high ground clearance is a huge benefit for us. On top of that, all the hydraulics are placed well above ground level, which means we don’t have to worry about pulling out a hose when we are working here in the bush.”

The undercarriage components also include permanently lubed idlers and rollers, and a strong, steel-belted rubber track. With fewer moving parts than a suspension track system, maintenance costs can be significantly reduced. “As for safety,” said Michael, “its wider track base and tilts out front enables us to work on steep and uneven ground without any worries.”

The C238 Compact Track Loader also features a large 96.5l fuel tank, allowing operators to work long hours before refueling - which suits Tas Eco Mulching down to the ground with their regular 12-hour working days.

In terms of customer service, Michael singled out his local New Holland dealer, D & L Morrison, as providing such an impressive level of support, that it has totally cemented his loyalty to New Holland. “D & L Morrison has been super supportive - especially recently when we had a field day here with the likes of the Tasmanian Department of Forestry and Agriculture officials all coming out to have a look at what we do. Graeme Viney from D & L Morrison drove two hours down here to run the machine for me which gave me the opportunity to talk to all the government officials and show them our work - you don’t get service like that from anyone else as far as I know ... As I said, it’s a magic machine, and together with the fantastic customer service we get from D & L Morrison, who could ask for more?”

New Holland is a leading distributor of Compact Excavators, Backhoes, Track Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders and Telehandlers. Backed by a national dealer network, New Holland offers parts, service and finance for a range of earthmoving applications. For more information, contact New Holland Construction on 1300 922 828.

For a PDF version of the case study, please visit the following link: Case Study - Tas Eco Mulching.