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Paalupiste Oy choose Digga Machinery Attachments
Paalupiste Oy are a one of Europes largest screw pile manufacturer with over 15 years professional experience screwing piles.

Paalupiste oy and digga's pd40 auger drive

Based in Finland, Paalupiste Oy have over 15 years of professional experience in screwing piles and are also one of Europe’s largest screw pile manufacturers. This particular job required the installation of over 600 screw piles for railway noise barriers. Utilising the Digga PD40 Paalupiste drilled directly into the track bed quickly with ease and no vibrations to the rail track.

"We have installed 2 screw piles under each pillar (post). We have connected these 2 screw piles with horizontal I-beam and attached vertical I-beam (fence post) on top of horizontal beam. This way we can use shorter and smaller piles to gain superior lateral load capacity, The work can be done fast due to loose installation tolerances (tolerances can be loose because we just need to get beam between 2 piles) Fast, easy, environment friendly, no noise or vibration and cost efficient foundation solution. Work can be done quickly which does not disturb so much normal train traffic.”

You can find more information about Paalupiste Oy on their Facebook page.

About Digga PD40 drive

  • Diggas PD40 drive are suited to 20 – 50 tonne excavators with a flow between 120 to 230 LPM. 
  • The PD40 is fitted with a quality Eaton hydraulic motor and Digga designed and manufactured gearbox.
  • It is also available in a two speed variation.

  • For more information on the range of Digga Machinery Attachments click here: www.digga.com