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Pallet Fork Multifit - Digga Australia

High powered auger drive

Our single speed high powered range of auger drives have been designed to handle higher machine hydraulic pressures to deliver more power at higher RPM to suit drilling applications on 15 to 30 tonne machines. Fitted with a high efficiency radial piston motor and integrated input housing, these drives will help you increase productivity and reduce downtime to optimise your returns.

Learn about auger drives

Pair your drive to suit your machine type and achieve optimum performance, find out how to avoid costly repairs, and how the auger drive has technologically developed over the years.

Compact & powerful

Digga have been designing and manufacturing drilling gearboxes for over 30 years. Unlike others who have to adapt to off-the-shelf componentry for their gearboxes, we design every component for its intended purpose, resulting in a much more compact and powerful drive.

Efficient & reliable

A highly reliable motor high in power yet low in maintenance, delivering faster drilling speeds at high torque. No need to sacrifice speed for torque or torque for speed.

2-Piece shaft design

A two-piece shaft design isolates the planetary gears from excessive side load. Oversized thrust washer and lock nuts secure the shaft. This promotes easy seal changes and servicing. Our shaft design prevents the shaft from falling out, even under continuous use.

Australian made quality

Digga drive units are made right here in Australia from quality materials. Digga is a proud Australian manufacturer committed to keeping jobs in the country.

Specification PD30 HP SD45 HP SD55 HP
Max Torque @ 345 Bar 30, 250 Nm 44, 150 Nm 57, 750 Nm
Motor Radial Piston Radial Piston Radial Piston
Pressure Valve Fitted Optional Optional Optional
Energy Control Valve N / A N / A N / A
Case Drain Required Yes Yes Yes
Max Pressure Do not exceed 345 bar @ 174 lpm Do not exceed 345 bar @ 174 lpm Do not exceed 345 bar @ 174 lpm
Max Flow Do not exceed 240 lpm @ 230 bar Do not exceed 240 lpm @ 230 bar Do not exceed 240 lpm @ 230 bar
Max Continuous Power Do not exceed 90Kw/120hp Do not exceed 90Kw/120hp Do not exceed 90Kw/120hp
Overall Length 1221 mm 1274 mm 1274 mm
Diameter 460 mm 530 mm 530 mm
Weight (no linkage / hitch) 453 kg 646 kg 646 kg
Std Output Shaft 100 mm Square 100 mm Square 100 mm Square
Diggalign Optional Optional Optional
Rec Auger 11 Series 11 Series 11 Series
Max Auger Dia Fract. Rock 1500 mm 1500 mm 1500 mm
Max Auger Dia Clay / Shale 1500 mm 1500 mm 1500 mm
Max Auger Dia Earth 1800 mm 1800 mm 1800 mm