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Digga Slasher

Slasher For Tractors

The 3pt Linkage Slasha is a slashing attachment for tractors that can be used for the effective cutting and clearing of grass and low ground shrubbery. Hydraulically driven models are available to fit all CAT 1 and CAT 2 Tractors and come complete with hoses, couplers and 3pt Linkage. Ideal for landscaping, agriculture, roadway maintenance, parks maintenance and general slashing.

3 Point Linkage Features & Benefits

  • Twin blade, dual rotation, single cutting bar
  • Two widths available: 1500mm (59') and 1800mm (70')
  • Chain curtain for debris suppresion
  • Adjustable cutting height 70mm & 110mm
  • Optional jockey wheel available
  • Heavy duty construction - built for Australian conditions
  • Also available for: mini loaders, skid steer loaders, excavators
  • Rounded side skids for smoother manoeuvrability over
    uneven terrain

Features & Benefits

Digga slashers come packed with practical features as well as cutting edge design. Hover your mouse over the features´ 'plus' symbol on the diagram below to reveal the respective benefits.

3 Point Linkage Slasher Specifications

Specification 1500MM 1800mm
Weight 370 Kg 490 Kg
Length 1860 mm 2115 mm
Width (Overall) 1630 mm 1930 mm
Height 605 - 705 mm 665 - 765 mm
Max Pressure 240 bar 240 bar
Cutting Height 70mm & 110mm 70mm & 110mm