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Spreada Bar

Digga Ezi-Loada Spreada Bar
Harley Rake

Harley Rakes built for the more powerful machines available today, the Harley Rakes offers greater strength with the same non-bulky manueverability that's easy on your job site and machine.

Features: Ideal Use:
Specifications T6H TM7H
Machine Tractors Tractors
Weight (Kgs) 376 617
Length (Overall) 1219 1143
Width (Overall) 2133 2413
Racking Width (Full Angle) 1752 2058
Angle Roll 15 15
Min Rec Flow (LPM) NA NA
HP Range 28-40 42-80
Hitch 3pt CAT 1/3 3pt CAT 1/3

Click Here for Printable Version

Click Here for Printable Version

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