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Digga News

Chase's Wish Comes True
21 June, 2013

Like most 11 year old boys Chase loves his Rugby League and is a devoted Queenslander. He loves nothing more than to cheer on the mighty Maroons. But unlike most kids his age, he’s endured a lot throughout his young life. Chase was born with chronic renal failure and has spent a lot of time in hospital and undergone more than 30 operations since he was born.

At 5 months of age he started peritoneal dialysis, and stayed on dialysis until he was big enough to undergo a renal transplant a few months before his 3rd birthday. Due to his medical condition Chase did not eat anything until he was 4 years old, instead relying solely on nasal gastric feeds and eventually a gastrostomy button. He will continue to undergo more medical procedures as part of his health management, and require more kidney transplants throughout his life. It is anticipated that his next transplant will be required whilst still in his teens.
Digga Australia and Telstra help Chase's Wish Come True
Chase doesn’t complain, he’s never been one to “sit on the bench” instead preferring to get in and give anything a go. Multiple serious health scares continue to dampen his spirits and remind his family of the precious gift of life.

His grandparents had tried to purchase tickets to the State of Origin for many years without success so Chase could see his beloved Queensland team play the Blues. When Digga heard of Chase’s story and his wish we were delighted to help. We contacted our great friends at Telstra who came to the party and offered Chase and his grandfather Gordon 2 tickets to Wednesday Night’s game and made a young boys dream come through.

A huge thank you to Telstra and best wishes to Chase. Our thoughts are with you.