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Digga News

Digga's Focus Remains in Australia
02 July, 2012

Much has been said about our expansion into the US. Please read the (attached) article to gain further understanding of our global position. Digga remains committed to supplying the local market with Australia’s leading machinery attachment range, Digga will be expanding our range and releasing numerous product upgrades over coming months.

Digga will only be selling large drive units and augers into the US. With the screw anchoring industries being more advanced in the US and Canada, and Digga’s range of large drives recognised as the world’s best it was a natural progression to set up a base in the United States. The US will not be supplying Australia or the rest of the world with drive units and augers, the US operation will solely supply that local market.

Another positive for our Australian facility will be the fact that we’ll supply components for the drives to be assembled in the US, ensuring more work for our local staff. Also having an American arm dedicated to the screw anchor market will ensure Digga are at the forefront of the industry when it becomes mainstream in Australia in a few years

Please click here to view the 'Digga Australia goes global with new assembly plant in US' article.