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Monitoring and data logging for anchoring applications.
Torque Monitoring System
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Helical pile monitor & data logger

Utilising the same technology as the Torque Hub, the Torque Spool delivers over 99% accurate torque readings. Data is sent over a robust 2.4 GHz RF FHSS signal to the handheld display / datalogger. The Torque Spool measures not only torque, but also inclination. This torque monitoring and data logging device is mounted between the output shaft and drive tool. To suit MD, UD and XD anchor drives (110,000 Nm to 500,000 Nm).

New reporting capabilities

Reports are exportable directly from the display, either via email using a smartphone with its’ hotspot enabled or through the onboard USB port connected to a flash drive.

Various models available - Digga Australia

Available models

Torque Spools are available for MD, UD and XD Anchor Drives (110,000 Nm to 500,000 Nm).

Torque Spool - Digga Australia

More than just torque

Digga's Torque Spool provides you with a 99%+ accurate torque measurement alignment indicator and data logging proven solution.

Simple installation - Digga Australia

Simple installation

Mounts between the output shaft and drive tool.

Rugged in-cab display - Digga Australia

Rugged in-cab display

WiFi In-Cab Display for better, more stable data transfer. Monitor and record your jobs with ease with a 7” touch-enabled display and rugged IP67 ABS casing. Circuit boards, firmware, and software are all designed specific for the application. Fully potted, sealed, gasketed, and cushioned to ensure maximum protection and long life.

Easy export options - Digga Australia

Export data logging records

Record torque, pile depth, angle, date, and time with additional user-defined export field options available. Reports are exported as both bare data (.dat file – open in Excel), and as a PDF line chart.

Rated Output (R.O.) 2 mV/V nominal
Nonlinearity 0.1% of R.O.
Hysteresis 0.1% of R.O.
Nonrepeatability 0.05% of R.O.
Zero Balance 0.1% of R.O.
Compensated Temp. Range 16° to 71°C
Safe Temp. Range -54° to 93°C
Temp. Effect on Output 0.005% of Load/°C
Temp. Effect on Zero 0.005% of R.O./°C
Terminal Resistance 350 ohms nominal
Excitation Voltage 5 VDC
Safe Overload 150% of R.O.