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Mini Bigfoot Trencher for Mini Machines, Mini Excavators, Small Skid Steer Loaders
Mini Bigfoot Trencher - Digga Australia
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Trencher chains

Digga's trencher chain options cater from soft clean grounds to the hardest of shale. Choose from three types of trencher chains - Earth, Combination, and Diggatac. Ideal for machines up to 8 tonne, Digga trencher chains can be fitted to any Digga trencher. Trenching applications include pipe laying for irrigation, underground power & communications, road repairs, and general construction.

Trencher Chains - Trench in all ground conditions - Digga Australia

Trench in all ground conditions

Available in a number of different tooth configurations for trenching in soft ground, mixed grounds and even permafrost so you can get the job done no matter what environment you are in.

Trencher Chains - Trench in soft earth - Digga Australia

Trench in soft earth

An EARTH tooth configuration is best suited for soft clean ground with no floaters or tree roots like earth and clay.

Trencher Chains - Diggatac for hard ground conditions - Digga Australia

Diggatac for hard ground conditions

The DIGGATAC tungsten carbide chain configuration provides extended tooth life and reduced vibration, particularly when starting in tough conditions such as rocky hard shale, asphalt or frozen ground.

Trencher Chains - Multi purpose combination chain - Digga Australia

Multi-purpose combination chain

Get the best from both worlds with a multipurpose chain configuration. A COMBINATION of earth and tungsten carbide teeth. Cut through hard soil, roots, soft shale, and rocky ground

Trencher Chains - Anti-back flex chain design - Digga Australia

Anti-back flex chain design

You can be guaranteed of quality and superior performance with our Anti-back Flex design. It prevents the chain links from flexing back in tough soil conditions.

Chains for all ground conditions

  • EARTH - Best used in soft ground like earth and clay
  • COMBINATION - Best used in dry, hard or medium ground conditions
  • TUNGSTEN - Best used in hard or frozen ground conditions and asphalt
Specification Earth Combo Diggatac
Cutting Width (mm) 100-350 100-350 100-350
Digga Trencher Suitability All All All
Soft Ground / Clay
Hard Soil / Roots / Soft Shale / Rocky Ground  
Rocky Hard Shale / Asphalt / Frozen Ground    
Legend: Suitable